Summer Break 2018

July 2018 Update

It has been almost one year since some of our Club members gathered in Mark, Sommerset (England) at the Ki Federation Headquarters for a week long of Ki Aikido and fun with friends.

Below are a few words immediately after last years summer-school from some students who flew in from Canada to attend and some words from students one year on. Summer school is an amazing opportunity to further develop your practice and move forward in your life. So if you haven’t been for a while, take some time out for you and move forward in your life a little more or a lot more this summer by attending summer school!

“Focusing a whole week around Ki Aikido and the Somerset Ki Aikido Summer School was one of those defining moments of life. Having the great privilege of every day learning from knowledgeable Teachers, rethinking basic movements should be overwhelming and in a sense it is; but the underlying teaching that you almost absorb without wanting to is that it is ok to be overwhelmed with information and doubts sometimes, the path you follow afterwards is the one that will eventually reveal and strengthen your Ki Aikido. I am very grateful for this week of learning, for the fun moments at the Socials and for all the people who shared this experience with me.”

by Cecilia Correia
“In all my years in education, I have never sensed more direct improvement in my learning from the beginning of a two-hour instruction to its end - that goes for all of the morning sessions. Being able to grade in this collegial environment, with so many engaging higher grades, was special.”

by Alex Herd
“It has been almost one year since being at the Ki Aikido Federation Headquarters for summer school. During that week I learned a lot, had the opportunity to train with people from diverse backgrounds and share struggles and growth experiences. In the end, summer school left very strong impressions: continue practise, don’t worry about time and come back for more.  During this last year I can say that I looked at the practise of Ki Aikido from a different perspective. Look at every move to learn something new, improve with every lesson learned and most importantly stop expecting.”

by Alfredo Rodrigues
“I have learned to put a lot more into the details, by that I mean a lot more then I used to pay attention before. I find that I pay a lot more attention to details these days. I study every single move to minute details and I keep repeating that in my mind, over and over , until I feel it is ‘cast in stone’ . Another change I can mention, is the use of my one point and making the move ‘big’ in my mind.”

by Robert Antal

We had a few gradings in the past weeks. Let’s start to say congratulations to all the students who graded and continue on their journey:

  • Farjam – Congratulations for achieving Brown Belt
  • Tejan – Congratulations for achieving Green Belt, 3rd Blue Stripe
  • Thea – Congratulations for achieving Orange Belt, 1rd Green Stripe
  • Dale – Congratulations for achieving Yellow Belt
  • Anderson – Congratulations for achieving Yellow Belt
  • Clara – Congratulations for achieving Yellow Belt

We would like to thank all the ukes that made these gradings possible, specially Robert and Abi.

Finally, the Club will be closed for the summer vacations, as once again we descend onto Mark for summer school. We will be back to normal practise hours on August 29.

Until then enjoy the summer and hope to see you all back soon.

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