September 2018 Update

After almost 5 weeks away our Club resumed practice after a great summer break.

Everyone was really excited this first week to be back on the mat and some of us who went to summer school at headquarters in the UK are also excited to practise the new movements we learned during the seminars.

It was also great to see fellow students again who have been become good friends and catch up what we each did over summer.

As the school year begins again and our juniors and youth move onwards to another year of their lives. At the same time we are all a bit sad to say goodbye to our fellow friend and student Abi, as she heads off to University on a new journey. But we look forward to seeing her back again on the mat soon. After all, what better way to spend a Friday night!

So given the time we had all spent apart and Abi heading off to university, what else could we do as a Club but celebrate. So what better way than to have a Club bbq!!