Sensei Narinder is Awarded 4th Dan

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Any journey in life starts with an objective. Such objectives are sometimes a materialization of our dreams. Dreams to better ourselves, or to try things that are not at our immediate reach or departing from one’s sphere of comfort. This is something that we view with apprehension and sometimes with fear.

Now as the quote notes the “fear of failure” is most of the times what holds us back. But if you don’t try it, then you’ll definitely be missing on something potentially great.

This is in my opinion, how we all start with Ki Aikido – apprehensively trying something new, sometimes fearing failing to do a movement and frustration. Well at least this was my experience at the start.

But with time Ki Aikido becomes a part of our lives. Not only the classes and what we learn on the mat, but also what we take to the outside world. Sensei Narinder drives this point quite frequently. And there’s a good point in doing so. As we progress in our practise of Ki Aikido we gain confidence, and we start to look at the world through a different lense. And with the confidence gained in our practise we also feel overwhelmed to what is still “out there” to be learned.

But it is a journey. A long journey. No need to rush.

As we move along our journey we make new friends in our Club and in our Federation. The good part I’ve found in the practise of Ki Aikido is the shear good feeling to share our moments as a group. The good moments and the not so good days. There is support when you need it and you support when someone else needs it.


Now back to the journey. As a Club we are very proud this week to be able to celebrate with Sensei Narinder another stepping stone in his journey. Sensei Narinder was awarded his 4th dan in the February group course in the Federation Headquarters. From all the students we want to Congratulate him for this achievement and at the same time thank him for his time to show us a path for our own personal journeys.


Below are some pictures from our club celebrating this milestone.

by: Alfredo Rodrigues

Every celebration needs a cake!

After a good practise we needed the energy back…

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