Congratulations to our students who graded recently!

We had a few gradings in the past weeks. Let’s start to say congratulations to all the Juniors who graded in the end of March.

  • Dale and Clara now have 3 yellow stripes,
  • Thea became an orange belt, and
  • Tejan is now a green belt, 2 blue stripes!

We had a few challenges finding junior ukes so thank you to Cecilia and Alfredo for stepping in.

Well done to the juniors for staying calm through their grading.

Congratulations to our students in the adult class who graded today and were awarded the following grade:

  • Nikki is now an orange belt 2nd green stripe,
  • Grant became a yellow belt,
  • Myo  and Alex graded for their orange belt, and
  • Aby and Anna are now blue belts.


Ki Aikido is for all ages as can be seen in our students who graded. Nikki started when she was 9 and is now 13 and Grant started when he was 65 and is now 66!

Regular practice will make you more flexible both in your practice and in your mind so when you deal with situations off the mat you are better equipped to make the right decision.

Congratulations to all the students who graded and to all the Uke’s who assisted.

Sensei Narinder

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