2017 Year End

2017 was an amazing year for the Richmond Hill Ki Aikido Club.

In review we had a May seminar with Sensei Ian Aitkenhead (8th Dan) and what a seminar that was.

In August some (a total of 14) of the Club students went to England to Somerset where the Ki Federation Headquarters is located for a week of Ki Aikido, fun times and companionship. Several of our students went for grading (Kyu and Dan Grades).

Here are some of the students thoughts on their experience of practicing a week of aikido at the headquarters dojo:

“In all my years in education, I have never sensed more direct improvement in my learning from the beginning of a two-hour instruction to its end – that goes for all of the morning sessions. Being able to grade in this collegial environment, with so many engaging higher grades, was special.”……(Alex)

“Absolutely amazing week”….(Robert)

“This was the first Ki Aikido Summer School I’ve attended, the experience was new but in a way it felt like a very familiar place and experience to have. The common ground that has brought the diverse group of participants made it very easy to relate to the struggles I have in my personal growth. The guidance provided by all the teachers during practise was in itself an amazing experience. I hope to repeat the experience sooner than later.”……..(Alfredo)

“Focusing a whole week around Ki Aikido and the Somerset Ki Aikido Summer School was one of those defining moments of life. Having the great privilege of every day learning from knowledgeable Teachers, rethinking basic movements should be overwhelming and in a sense it is; but the underlying teaching that you almost absorb without wanting to is that it is ok to be overwhelmed with information and doubts sometimes, the path you follow afterwards is the one that will eventually reveal and strengthen your Ki Aikido. I am very grateful for this week of learning, for the fun moments at the Socials and for all the people who shared this experience with me.”…… (Cecilia)


And so 2017 came to an end. But before we closed 2017 we had our yearly gathering.

Hope to see you in 2018.